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hours earlier, the president stopped at fema headquarters in d.c. for a briefing. while away from the damage, in florida, mitt romney also appeared with a heavy hitter -- jeb bush. >> imagine a leader like mitt romney that will restore confidence in this country. i imagine each and every day and that is why i'm campaigning as hard as i can for the guy. >> we come together in times like this, and we want to make sure they have a speedy and quick recovery. >> but the niceties did not last for long on either side. with six days left and polls so tight, the ugly side of politics quickly surfaced. >> the facts are that romney will say anything -- anything -- to win. >> there was also some concern that the department of labour would not get monthly jobs numbers out on friday morning. it turns out now they will, and that the play a big part of this race -- will unemployment states under 8%, as it is now, or move in a direction that could affect any undecided voters? >> of course, today is halloween. while many local neighborhoods will still have a lot of trick- or-treaters, the white hou
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1